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Creative Visual Story Design Studio cum Story Consulting Micropractice.
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#brandstorytelling: A Walkthrough House Of Kalart

Mar 20, 2021 – Mar 20, 2021

@houseofkalart X @mographies are excited to unveil their brand new Insta Live CoLab...A Walkthrough House of Kalart, where Arathi & Chitra demystify #brandstorytelling step by step.

Join us if you are a startup, a budding venture or someone reinventing themselves.
#vocalforlocal ...

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StoryChaat3.0: Savour By Heđź’“rt

Feb 14, 2021 – Feb 28, 2021

StoryChaat 3.0: Savour By Heđź’“rt is Now Online with Story Partner Mrs. Usha Chhabra. Head straight to the booking link to confirm your participation.
6+ Stories and Creative Ticklers are lined up to make 3 consecutive Sundays flavourful with stories curated with love.


Decoding Creative Thinking

Jan 22, 2021 – Jan 22, 2021

60 minutes Co-learning Café, a MoGCoLab Creative Community Initiative by Mographies. Click on the Offer link to join the GMeet.

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#gratitude for #infininestories Over to the 10th year of clear intentions to craft graphical story content and conversational experiences as a conscientious and joyful act of creativity and wonder.

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MoGCoLab© Creactivation Learning Experiments with Visual-Virtual Facilitation using Augmented Reality Open Source Tools to construct Graphical Environment for semi-immersive Remote Presencing. #mogcolab #learningstories #creactivation

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MoGCoLab© Community Initiative:
Masterclass on Digital/Visual Storytelling Skills for @Quest Alliance's Trainer Tribe Community. #communitystories #learningstories

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FunShop Mentorship©: Conversations to activate the Learner-Seeker and then Letting Go, allowing the Mentee to explore their own Learning Highs and Lows. With mutually necessary Check-ins to Learn to Master the Flow. It takes a seeker to know another.

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ProBrand©: Brand-Wise Promotional Story Designs

  • ProBrand Integrated© (Story, ID, Ext-Print, Digital, Environmental, Sonic, Motion)

    Strategic Brand Story communication across various channels and media starting from Identity and Brand Story Design, Visual Identity Design, Identity extensions as experiences in Print, Digital, Environmental, Sonic and Motion media from any of the Story Products listed below.
  • ProBrand Ext©

    Brand sepecific storytelling communicated through promotional content in one or more media as Identity Extensions using any of the Story Products listed below.

Mographies Proprietary Visual Story Products

  • LivScribe©

    Live Graphic Recording/ Scribing/ Visual notes for Facilitated Workshops, Trainings, Classrooms, Community Engagement, Seminars, Symposia, Conferences, Meetings etc. for tangible, visual and graphical takeaways that sparks shared meaning and group understanding.
  • Vvid©

    Designing storyful images and imageries illuminating content for viewing in surfaces, screens and spaces with a range of medium across illustration art, photography, mural and installation art.
  • P-Art©

    Storyfic recreational artistic interventions that are participatory, playful and personalised for small or large group engagement in work, living, learning and community spaces.
  • InfoG©

    Explanatory graphical representations and visualisations of complex data, concepts and dense information in the form of maps, charts, timelines, knowledge tool kits, cards, gameboards etc. usable for websites, walls, stalls, slide presentations, books, brochures, reports, instructional aids used in workshops, trainings, lectures and retreats.
  • Ex-D©

    Conceptualising, Prototyping, Testing and Documenting tactile experiences, functional interactivities, gamified interactions, learning modules and mission based community interventions for indoor and outdoor engagement.
  • In-A-GIF©

    Infusing fun micro movements into static imageries for livelier digital visual stories. Avail discounts for bulk orders of set of 5, 10 and 20 GIFs.
  • VideoStory©

    Video editing/ production with or without audio/animated overlays as feedback/ documentation of events for social media posting or as simple explainers.
  • AniStory©

    Simply animated graphical stories for meaningful and memorable lectures, talks, lesson plans and socio-cultural video presentations.
  • StopMoG©

    Artisanal stop motion animation video story productions for significant brands and organisational stories that celebrate creativity and play.
  • MoG Toonz©

    Customised comic strip story series and toon style character and mascots that champion an important cause or message driving social campaigns.

CatalEyes©: Visual Story Conversations (for P.E.A.C.E.©)

  • CatalEyes Chat©

    Free 20 mins Chat with one or two people to rapidviz your storyneeds as graphical notes.
  • CatalEyes Café©

    Hourly basis visually facilitated group sessions (for upto 10 participants) designed for co-creative, participatory and intensive solution generating conversations.
  • CatalEyes Camp©

    Full Day (6 hours) of Immersive Inquiries for specific actionable outcomes by individuals, teams and groups (up to 25 participants).
  • CatalEyes Commulogue©

    Multiday conventions designed for 30 or more participants to commune deep dialogues, around complex multi-stakeholder issues, heavy data sets and hyper-intensive levels of sensemaking across diverse time scales and geographies.

Proprietary Visual Story Performances for Creative Culture

  • Adrift: Story of Sam-Sara©

    A graphic novella and participatory fiction exploring the theme of shared ownership. A visual allegory of space drawn on a 20 foot long visual story canvas sets the context for listeners and viewers to join the story world in varying levels of participation. Highest level is that of co-authorship.
  • StoryChaat©: Stories for Creative Learning

    Appetizing curated story experiences blending learning activities with storytelling to uplift one's awareness of cultural flavours of India and the World. StoryChaat is an intergenerational, scalable, Integrated Arts led Learning Concept, A MoGCoLab Initiative, cocreated by Chitra Chandrashekhar and Usha Chhabra. After succesful offline and online pilots, it's ready to come to creative, cultural and educational institutions.
  • BlabDoodle Storytelling©

    Live doodling in tandem with an Oral/ Theatric performance. A MoGCoLab Initiative cocreated by then Delhi Storytellers' Network members Chitra Chandrashekhar and Vasundhara Bahuguna.
  • Kahi Suni©

    A visually aided original authorship of a story that appreciates playfulness in language, enables social skills and critical thinking.
  • Inklings©

    Graphical Micronarrative (silent) Performances based on self-authored and adapted stories illustrated as live ink drawings on small and large surfaces.
  • PuppetWeee!©

    Participatory puppetstories from everyday life for everyone.
  • Long long ago...©

    A growing compendium of long lasting tales enduring ravages of time and fickle memories.

FunShop© Academy: Creative Co-Learning Experiences

  • FunShop Skills©

    Fun Co-creative customised skilling sessions that build courage to learn diverse expressive storytelling media, creative techniques and technologies to enhance and empower communication of thoughts, strategies, stories, designs, facts and experiences.
  • FunShop Concepts©

    Experientially engaging sessions designed to make abstract ideas and concepts simple, intelligible and practically usable for working, learning and living spaces.
  • FunShop Life©

    Immersive aesthetic expeditions and getaways to help delve deep into lessons from various stages and walks of Life and jointly emerge with joyful epiphanous findings.
  • FunShop Mentorship©

    Candid critique sessions to refine fuzz to fun and shape up one off fun experiments and creative jaunts into viable designs and actionable innovations.

MoG CoLab©

  • Creative Collaborations

    Collaborating on creative experiments of common interest areas to develop Pilot Tests, Proofs of Concept, Content Curation, New Content formats and just-for-fun creative jams with shared understanding on ethics of creative production and distribution of co-created ideas.
  • Community Partnerships

    Partnerships for hosting, arranging, supporting or nurturing Community initiatives such as Communities of Creative Practice, Events/ Festivals/ Conferences by way of visual storytelling services and creative commons resources.


Mographies is a creative visual story design studio cum story consulting micropractice, that facilitates authentic conversations, conscious co-learning, creative collaborations and community connections, through graphical solutions and visual story based content design packages across media formats. #brandstories #culturestories #lifestories #learningstories #communitystories and #colabstories

Whether individuals, groups, brands, organisations, communities or cultures, below are key need areas that Mographies focusses on:

1) Catalyse to make better sense of complex concepts, ideas, systems and fuzzy processes with simple explainer graphics;

2) Conceptualise and craft graphical aids for  stakeholder meetings, consultations and group gatherings facilitating collective decisons and harvesting group knowledge;

3) Co-design brand-wise visual story media for catchy, concise and comprehensive representation and meaningful engagement with data/ information;

4) Curated fun co-learning experiences to aquire skills and competencies for aesthetic life of courage, creativity, interbeing, lifelong learning and co-creation.

5) Collaborate as Partner or Fellow Co-creator for mutually interesting new productions of content, strategic concepts and cultural initiatives.

Chitra Chandrashekhar is the creative founder and sole proprietor of Mographies. Care for a Free CatalEyes Chat?


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